Downloadable Forms

Establishment Report Forms

  1. Establishment Report Form (RKS Form 5 2020)
  2. Establishment Return to Work Establishment Report Form
  3. Work Accident/Injury Report Form


Labor Relations and Labor Standards (LRLS)


Affidavit of Termination of Employees


Registration of Contracts & Sub-contracts Under DO 174-17

  1. DO 174-17 Checklist of Requirements
  2. Registration of Job/Service Contractor/Sub-Contractor Application Form


  1. Local Chapter
  2. Collective Bargaining Agreement
  3. Independent Union
  4. Workers' Association

Occupational Safety and Health

  1. Registration of Establishment Under Rule 1020 (Form)
  2. Work Accident/Injury Report Form
  3. Annual Medical Report Form
  4. Application for Boiler/ Pressure Vessel Installation
  5. Application for Internal Combustion Installation
  6. Application for Elevator Manlift Dumbwaiter Installation
  7. Report of Safety Organization (Form)
  8. Application Form for Accreditation, OSH Practitioner,Consultant
  9. OSH Program Template
  10. Annual Work Accident / Illness Exposure Data Report

New OSH Templates (for Bus Companies)

  1. Alcohol-free workplace policy & program
  2. DRUG-FREE workplace policsnipy & program
  3. Hepatitis B workplace policy & program
  4. HIV AIDS workplace policy & program
  6. Smoke-free workplace policy & program
  7. TB workplace policy & program

Construction Safety and Health program

  1. Application Form - Simplified Construction Safety and Health Program
  2. Documentary Requirements and Format of Simplified CSHP
  3. Application Form - Comprehensive CSHP
  4. Documentary Requirements and Format of Comprehensive CSHP
  5. Simplified CSHP Template
  6. Comprehensive CSHP Template


Employment Promotion and Workers’ Welfare (EPWW)

Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

  1. AEP Checklist of Requirements
  2. Additional Requirements Pursuant to D.O. 120-12
  3. AEP Application Form
  4. AEP Establishment Report Form

Private Employment Agency (PEA)

  1. PEA Checklist of Requirements (Revised PEA Checklist, PEA Checklist (For Branch Office), Checklist for Authority to RecruitRefund of Cashbonds)
  2. PEA Application Form
  3. PEA Monthly Recruitment and Placement Reporting Form

Working Child’s Permit (WCP)

  1. WCP Application Form (WCP Form No. 1)
  2. Notice of Employment for Spot Extras (WCP Form No. 2)
  3. Report on Employment on Spot Extras (WCP Form No. 3)
  4. Clearance Form (WCP Form No.4)
  5. Checklist of Requirements
  6. Working Child Permit Codes

Livelihood Programs for Informal Sector Workers

  1. Beneficiary Profile (Form)
  2. Request for DOLE Accreditation (Pro-forma letter)
  3. Checklist of Requirements for DOLE Accreditation
  4. Application for Livelihood Project (WIN-AP Formal Sector)


DOLE Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case)

  1. Requirements for the Issuance of DOLE Clearance: Certificate of No Pending Case



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