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Verification of AEP, PEA and DO 18-A/DO 174 Goes Online

The Department of Labor and Employment-National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR) caters the bulk of clients of the DOLE, which includes a large number of foreigners seeking employment in the country.  On a daily basis, an average of 100 Alien Employment Permit (AEP) applications are received by the TSSD-Employment Promotion and Worker’s Welfare (EPWW) and another 100 AEPs are issued.   DOLE-NCR issues the biggest chunk of AEPs nationwide or 23,028 permits issued for 2016.  Aside from AEP, the public is also concerned whether the operating Private Employment Agency (PEA) and those involved in sub-contracting or job-contractors have valid permits.

These days when fraudulent licenses and permits are common, the DOLE-NCR devised an online search facility wherein clients and other concerned parties can verify the authenticity of AEPs, and certificates of registration of operating PEA and subcontractors under DO 18-A. This innovation is one of the outcomes of the DOLE-NCR 2016 YEPA discussion.  The search facility provides a convenient venue for applicants and other concerned clients to verify registration, issuance, and validity of permit. 

The facility is lodged at the DOLE-NCR website homepage.  It is user-friendly as clients only need to type their last name, first name, or the name of the company, and in a few seconds, information will be provided.  For AEPs, clients can verify the name of the foreign worker, nationality, position title, AEP ID number, company name and address, and the validity period of his/her permit.

The AEP online verification was launched on December 16, 2016.  To date, more than 34,704 AEPs can be searched through this facility.  Further, the database contains 260 certificates of registration for PEA and 2,609 for subcontractors under D.O. 18-A/D.O. 174. END/Diana Joyz G. Esguerra

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