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DOLE PAPAMARISAN concludes 2nd quarter with more than 8 M settlement through SENA

For the second quarter of this year, DOLE-NCR PAPAMAMARISAN Field Office settled more than Php 8 million of money claims through the Single Entry Approach (SENA) involving various parties from different companies under their jurisdiction.

On April 26, 2017, Francisca Dizon, Labor and Employment Officer III aided the settlement of money claims of employees from Winswood Trading. The requesting parties, Rose Jane Calapardo, et. al., complained on the alleged underpayment of wages in their request for assistance. In total, the requesting parties received a settlement amount of Php 1,877,987.00. Mr. Rizal Wayz and Ms. Jessie Framil, together wtih the company’s legal counsel, Atty. Lily Ireno, paid to complainants said amount in cash. In both cases, the parties agreed on said settlement within the 30-day mandatory conciliation-mediation period as prescribed by the SENA rules.

Also on May 16, 2017, Ms. Mary Kathleen D. Bernarte filed a request for assistance for alleged non-payment of 14th month pay, reimbursement for transportation, representations and commissions from her company, Andelai General Merchandising, Incorporated.  After three (3) scheduled conferences, on June 15, 2017, Ms. Bernarte was able to receive a total amount of Php 158,429.13, paid through three (3) separate checks given to her by the company representative, Mr. Bryan Co. The two Single Entry Approach Desk Officers (SEADOs) who handled the SENA were Mrs. Jenneth Bonghanoy and Ms. Edelyn Galos.

Also on June 15, 2017, 223 workers of IPM Environment Services Inc. (IPM) receive their last salary, 13th month pay, leave conversions, and financial assistance from the company in a form of settlement. The total pay-out reached to Php 8,776,688.53 through the SENA handled by  Marilou Dohelly Tumanguil, Senior Labor and Employment Officer who acted as SENA Desk Officer (SEADO).

IPM allegedly suffered serious financial losses, which prompted the company to implement a change in their organization structure, which resulted to company downsizing. The affected workers requested for assistance from the DOLE for the speedy disposition of their claims.  A prompt action was given to this concern and the settlement of said claims were facilitated in the main office at Pasig City, and in Quezon City, the operational site of the company. Right then and there, the SEADO also witnessed and attested the payment of the settlement amounts.

Through the settlement, the workers were spared from the rigorous, uncertain, and time-consuming process of filing a labor case and the company showed their good faith in complying with the law to the workers.

The SENA is being implemented by virtue of D.O. 107-10 and is a product of a series of tripartite consultations. Requesting parties may go to the nearest Regional Offices or Field Offices to inquire on how to avail of the service. END/Marian Jane C. Alumbro

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