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Lawyer from UCPB Group of Companies, a proud SPES Baby
Atty. Angelyn A. Tadena of the UCPB Group of Companies shared her humble beginnings as to how the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) augment her schooling needs. Asked to give her testimonies, Tadena gladly re-counted her SPES journey.

Atty. Angelyn A. Tadena
In my high school years at Makati High School, I always looked forward to summer. For some, it’s a vacation, get a sun-kissed tan from the beach, or meet new friends. But mine was different: Summer is SPES!

I can vividly remember my excitement every end of the school year. Almost every day I would pass by Barangay Olympia to inquire for a SPES form. Until year 1992, I could say that was my lucky year as I became one of the SPES workers of our Barangay. If not, I will be working as my Aunt’s house helper in order to finance mine and my siblings’ school needs.

As a SPES-worker, our task was to participate in the Cleaning Drive of the Barangay where we had to bring our own ‘Walis’ (broomstick) and ‘Pandakot’ (dustpan) to sweep the streets and pick-up the trash. After that, we also had to assist the Barangay Staff on some  errands when necessary. Those were the usual duties I had for almost 2 months.

We got our final pay in the main office of the Department of Labor and Employment in Intramuros. At first, I thought SPES is only for our Barangay, but when I got inside the DOLE building, I was astounded by the crowd as there were many SPES-workers like me! Then after a long queue, I finally received my pay-check inside a usual classic brown envelope, feeling accomplished and thankful. I went home, shared it to my family and siblings. As a reward for myself, I bought my dream school bag—‘Kerokeropi’ bag from Gift Gate!

SPES Program is very helpful in nurturing the minds of young generations, teaching us  to persevere in life and how to chase one’s dreams through discipline and maximizing program opportunities  that are  offered by the government. I only learned SPES from a friend who had previous program experience and since then, I aimed to be a part of that summer program.

I am a worker since elementary and spending my vacation for work is fun! For those who have dreams, keep in mind that potential alone is not enough; you have to make use of your capabilities and work for it! I am now a lawyer for 10 years and still bringing the SPES spirit in me!

Join our SPES program!
The Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) is an employment bridging program during Summer or Christmas Vacation that aims to augment the family's income of poor but deserving students, OSY or dependents of displaced workers who intend to finish their education.  For inquiries, please visit our DOLE Regional / Field Offices or check the DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment's website (link) for more information. END / Mark Avner Acosta / IMSD-LCO-2018-01 / PRJ18-14
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