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DOLE joins 2018 Fire Prevention Month

MAKATI CITY—The month of March is the beginning of summer and also the season of fire-related incidents. In observance of the fire prevention month, the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC) organized the Annual Fire Drill in partnership with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP). All occupants of the ECC Building, including the DOLE field office in Makati-Pasay joined the drill.

BFP’s Senior Inspector Algie Mullanida together with Senior Fire Officer III Maria Rochelle Mendoza facilitated the activity.  

The fire drill began at 11:00 AM. As soon as the fire alarm systems inside the premises were activated, all occupiers were directed to leave the building using all the appropriate routes and exits. All the DOLE personnel assisted their clients, ensuring that everyone observes the drill. 

The fire marshalls check all accessible spaces in their area, making sure everyone had evacuated safely. Once all were gathered at the assembly area, the BFP officers advised the fire marshalls to take register of all employees inside the building, ensuring everyone is present and noting anybody who is missing or any issues that may have arisen.

The BFP also demonstrated the proper use of a Fire Extinguisher, which can be easily operated using the common P.A.S.S. technique: 

Fire drills help prepare the public to respond quickly, calmly, and safely in case of fire incident. For more tips on fire prevention, please visit the BFP website at END / Mark Avner Acosta / IMSD-LCO-2018-03 / PRM18-06

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