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SEnA workshop held for Makati City PESO
The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Makati through its Public Employment Service Office (PESO) received a hands-on training on Single Entry Approach (SENA) on 26-27 July 2018 to equip its personnel on handling conciliation-mediation in their workplace.
Organized by the DOLE-NCR Makati-Pasay Field Office (MPFO), the activity was requested by said PESO as part of the employment thrust of Makati City Mayor Mar-Len Abigail S. Binay to implement the Department’s SEnA program in their locality.
“We expect the PESO staff to be attentive and cooperative in this 2-day activity for this will be very beneficial not only for the participants themselves but also in the attainment of Makati City to help its constituents in employment, specifically towards labor-management disputes,” said in the welcome message of Makati PESO Manager Vissia Marie P. Aldon, delivered in her behalf by PESO Senior LEO Jon-Jon Arches.
The National Conciliation Mediation Board (NCMB) - Regional Branch Director for National Capital Region, Feliciano R. Orihuela, Jr., facilitated the lecture and hands-on simulation on the SEnA implementation.
Director Orihuela also announced the same day, the approval of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the DOLE and Makati City to have a SEnA extension office in said LGU.
DOLE MPFO team also held a learning session on ‘Anti-Tuberculosis in the Workplace,’ General Labor Standards, Labor Relations, and other issuances of the Department to get a better appreciation of the overall mandate of said agency. 
Towards the end of activity, DOLE-MPFO Labor and Employment Officer Sarah May Asaytuno drilled the participants on the SEnA Reporting System and synthesized the two-day activity in her closing message. END / Sarah May Asaytuno
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