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DOLE-NCR wins replevin case, recovers possession of air-conditioning units
The Department of Labor and Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR), through the effort of its Mediation-Arbitration and Legal Service Unit (MALSU) and the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), on 10 August 2018, recovered possession of four air-conditioning units after winning a replevin case against the owners of a building where its Manila Field Office was once located.
The replevin case stemmed from the refusal of the owners of Legaspi Towers 300 along Roxas Boulevard in Manila to allow DOLE-NCR personnel to pull out its office equipment and supplies from the premises of the building.
The Manila Field Office leased and occupied spaces at the fourth floor of Legaspi Towers, from years 2010 to 2013, under a contract of lease with the owners of the property, Solomon and Anita Lorenzana. When the contract expired, the field office transferred its office to another building but the Lorenzanas prevented DOLE-NCR from pulling out its remaining properties at Legaspi Towers.
To prevent delay in the transfer, DOLE-NCR had lessors release the properties except four air-conditioning units, on the condition they will later hold discussions to clear the regional office of the alleged unpaid obligation. The lessors, however, snubbed meetings called by DOLE-NCR, prompting it, through the MALSU in coordination with the OSG, to file a replevin case at Branch 18 of Regional Trial Court (RTC) – National Capital Judicial Region for the recovery of the said personal property.
The RTC issued an order and a writ of replevin in favor of DOLE-NCR. The court then took custody of the air-conditioning units, allowing DOLE-NCR, through MALSU, to pull out and transfer the properties from Legaspi Towers to the DOLE-NCR building at 967, Maligaya Street in Malate, Manila on 10 August 2018.
The air-conditioning units are now in the care of the personnel of DOLE-NCR in charge of custody and maintenance of properties. They will be put to use at once to improve facilities, and delivery of services for workers and other clients, of the regional office. END / Atty. Mary Grace L. Riguer

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