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Project LEAP

Project Labor Enforcement and Action Program (Project LEAP)

To further enhance the implementation of the Labor Standards Enforcement Framework (LSEF) as provided for in Department Oder 57-04, Project Labor Enforcement and Action Program (Project LEAP) was developed to pursue an intensive inspection strategy in all regions to ensure compliance with core labor standards.


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What is Project LEAP?

Project LEAP is an intensive inspection program which aims to correct violations and increase employer’s compliance with the minimum wage and other labor standards.   This is done to protect the interest of the backbone of the economy, the Filipino workforce.


Priority Establishments

Project LEAP shall cover all inspectionable establishments employing 10-199 workers in specified target areas .  The following are priority establishments for inspection.


     1.  Security Agencies                        4.  Cooperatives

     2.  Manpower Agencies                    5.  Manufacturing Establishments

     3.  Subcontractors                            6.  Restaurants /Fastfood Enterprise



Only the following core labor standards and compliance with social welfare legislations shall be subject of inspection:

      1.  Minimum Wage                             5.  Service Incentive Leave

      2.  ECOLA                                         6.  Overtime Pay

      3.  13th month pay                             7.  Night Shift Differential Pay

      4.  Holiday Pay                                   8.  SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth

The validity of Alien Employment Permits (AEP), the issuance of Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) and the worst forms of contractualization in the agriculture industry shall also be covered under Project LEAP.


Target Areas

Inspection priority areas shall be major cities, urban center and other areas with highest concentration of inspectionable establishments.  Special economic zones and industrial estates shall likewise be target areas, subject to existing memoranda of agreement.

Dir. H. J. Jalbuena
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