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News for the year 2018
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DOLE Manila’s week in photos: 5-9 November 2018 2018-11-05
Former GIP now a permanent government employee2018-10-19
Crackdown on erring employment agencies intensified2018-10-19
DOLE-NCR unveils common kitchen area for staff2018-10-18
DOLE Manila’s month in photos: 4-13 October 20182018-10-13
DOLE-NCR holds news feature writing workshop2018-10-12
DOLE, PESO visits JobStart interns at Kawasaki in Alabang2018-10-01
DOLE-NCR welcomes Pakistan delegates from ILO and GIZ2018-09-11
DOLE-NCR supports women and children empowerment2018-09-06
DOLE joins DTI’s ‘Kapatid Mentor Me Program’ graduation2018-09-06
FFCCCII recognized for anti-child labor initiatives2018-09-04
JobStart inks partnership with hotel industries in Muntinlupa2018-09-03
DOLE-NCR now ISO 9001:2015 certified 2018-09-01
DOLE orientation series held for TUPAD beneficiaries in NCR2018-09-01
58 students join labor education and employment coaching2018-08-31
DOLE-NCR wins replevin case, recovers possession of air-conditioning units2018-08-31
DOLE-NCR turn-over of leadership in August2018-08-15
DOLE-NCR conducts orientation on LMI and employment coaching2018-08-14
A partnership for a common cause: DOLE and DTI cooperation2018-08-13
Bridging youth to job opportunities: A convergent approach among duty-bearers2018-08-13
DOLE-NCR extends financial grants to new scholars2018-08-13
PESO-NCR receive hands-on training on PEIS2018-08-07
Labor & employment education held for private sectors2018-08-06
492 HOTS: Valenzuela City’s 7th Mega Job Fair2018-08-03
MUNTAPARLAS TIPC and ITC holds Tree Planting Activity 2018-08-03
24 DILEEP beneficiaries awarded with livelihood assistance2018-08-03
DOLE continuously capacitates guidance counselors to tackle job-skills mismatch2018-08-02
DOLE leads inter-agency dialogue with construction industry2018-08-02
SEnA workshop held for Makati City PESO2018-08-01
PH broadcast industry council joins DOLE health and safety training2018-07-27
Value-enhancing workplace culture strengthened at DOLE-NCR2018-07-20
DOLE-NCR recommended for ISO 9001:2015 certification, says SOCOTEC2018-07-19
15 returning OFW teachers receive teaching kits from NRCO-NCR2018-07-05
12 workers receive P200K monetary package through SEnA2018-07-04
NCR Tripartite Industrial Peace Council holds 2nd quarterly meeting 2018-07-03
RTWPB-NCR takes another review on the socio-economic indicators 2018-07-02
WODP scholar graduate, inspired to set up own business2018-05-10
DTI joins Labor Day celebration through ‘Diskwento Caravan’2018-05-02
NCR Labor Day Job Fair records 4,581 Hired-On-The-Spots2018-05-02
Strengthening Wage Board-NCR: 2018 Team Building Exercise2018-05-01
More workers in Pasig benefitted from SENA in April2018-04-27
Caloocan TIPC held first meeting for 20182018-04-23
HITC aspires OSH policy for Hospital Industry 2018-04-18
Graduating students join labor and employment education 2018-04-12
DOLE-NCR facilitates training on employment programs 2018-04-10
Returning OFWs and millennials join Pasay City job fair2018-04-05
CAMANAVA FO gets free medical consultation during women’s month2018-04-02
Wage Board-NCR conducts ISTIV-PAP training to MSME’s2018-04-01
Wage board-NCR holds visual merchandising training2018-04-01
Social media marketing module of RTWPB-NCR and NWPC takes initial run2018-04-01
4 factory workers receive P113,171.50 in monetary settlement2018-03-23
HPMA meeting highlights discussion on DO 183-17 2018-03-23
Women’s month mega job fair in Valenzuela reaches 87.44% success rate 2018-03-22
RTIPC opens 2018 with adoption of two tripartite resolutions2018-03-22
Emerging Pinay entrepreneur sew her way to success through DILEEP2018-03-20
RTWPB-NCR and NWPC launches new module on lean management 2018-03-15
Makati-Pasay field office recognized for prompt service2018-03-12
TUPAD beneficiaries in Pasig receives pay2018-03-12
DOLE joins 2018 Fire Prevention Month2018-03-12
CAMANAVA kicks-off 1st monthly labor seminar series for 20182018-03-08
Sewing livelihood project for SMUI2018-03-01
DOLE joins TESDA to bridge skills and employment2018-03-01
DOLE holds awareness seminar on anti-sexual harassment 2018-03-01
McDonalds showcase SPES beneficiaries, invites DOLE for celebration2018-03-01
Wage-NCR conducts green productivity training2018-02-20
RTWPB-NCR conducts service quality training to priority industries2018-02-20
TRAIN LAW: monetary policy implications and inflation projections2018-02-20
DOE keen over Train Law implementation2018-02-20
Board’s up close and personal about Train law2018-02-20
DTI sees minimal effects on cost of basic goods on Train Law 2018-02-20
RTWPB-NCR looks into profound effects of new tax reform law2018-02-20
Rotary club ties-up with PESO and DOLE to hold career guidance2018-02-19
40 students under YECS receive school supplies from DOLE2018-02-19
SAWP orientation held for Golden Asia Oil Enterprise, Inc.2018-02-18
Resigned employee received monetary claims through SENA2018-02-18
SENA aided separated employee: re-hired by same employer2018-02-18
Rider receives P43,802 in monetary settlement2018-02-15
Championing a cause—inclusive growth for PWDs2018-02-14
Pasig plant workers eligible for SAWP2018-02-12
An open letter from a first-time SPES applicant 2018-02-12
Through SEnA, 54 workers receive P3-M in monetary settlement2018-02-09
PWDs in Las Piñas get sewing package through BUB project2018-02-08
QCFO orients ABS-CBN talent suppliers on WCP2018-02-08
DOLE aids livelihood program in Pasig—curbs drug problem2018-02-07
Effective implementation ensured: DOLE-NCR orients partners on SPES2018-02-05
DOLE-NCR and PAMM: A relationship based on commitments 2018-02-03
1st FWCOMPHIL Quarterly Membership Meeting at Makati-Pasay FO2018-02-02
Career coaching for Gen. Pio Del Pilar National High School students2018-02-01
SEnA settlements at MPFO reaches P2-M 2018-02-01
Valenzuela City TIPC soars high with 2017 accomplishments2018-01-31
Companies advised to comply with workers’ mandatory benefits2018-01-31
New jobs for 686 jobseekers at Valenzuela’s 1st Mega Job Fair for 20182018-01-31
WCP orientation for advertisers, casters, media and talent agencies2018-01-31
Pasig City Senior Citizens get business upgrade through DOLE2018-01-31
Worker receives early retirement and separation pay due to CBA2018-01-31
Company voluntarily educates staff on DOLE policies2018-01-31
DOLE and BFP teams-up to ensure safety of staff within CAMANAVA Malls2018-01-30
Fire safety compliance reinforced in Makati and Pasay Malls2018-01-30
Labor inspectors gear up for mall inspection in QC2018-01-30
NCR-CITC vows to intensify enforcement and capacity-building endeavors2018-01-30
SPES orientation held for Pasay City beneficiaries2018-01-25
Pasay and Makati PESO presents accomplishments and plans2018-01-25
DOLE-NCR capacitates PESO Pateros2018-01-23
DOLE sparks new hope for the victims of Marawi Crisis2018-01-23
Caloocan City local newsletter features DOLE-NCR2018-01-22
NCR awarded for outstanding performance in BLR program implementation2018-01-22
Valenzuela City TIPC: DOLE-NCR’s partner in SEnA2018-01-19
Skills training graduates awarded with livelihood packages2018-01-18
Hard work pays off for TUPAD beneficiaries2018-01-15
Lawyer from UCPB Group of Companies, a proud SPES Baby2018-01-12
NHA relocatees in Valenzuela gets early Christmas Gift from DOLE2018-01-04
NCR leads 1st Fun Run in celebration of DOLE 84th Anniversary2018-01-03
3.420-M awarded to NHA relocatees in Caloocan2018-01-03
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