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News for the year 2019
Title Date
Former DOLE janitor expands shop through DOLE aid2019-04-15
250 SPES beneficiaries to hold summer jobs at MMDA2019-04-15
Graduating students from STI College join labor education seminar2019-04-12
DOLE-NCR leased office space now its official property2019-04-11
The life changing story of a small doll factory2019-04-10
Wage board-NCR conducts ‘Usapang 2ps’ in Caloocan City2019-04-01
483 HOTS: Caloocan’s 57th Cityhood Anniversary Mega Job Jair2019-04-01
DOLE program partners and stakeholders in Manila holds 1st Quarterly Planning Workshop in 20192019-04-01
FWCOMPHIL joins seminar on environmental protection and pollution control2019-04-01
DOLE NCR holds data privacy seminar for staff2019-04-01
DOLE-NCR holds data privacy seminar for staff2019-03-26
DOLE-NCR joins the world in celebrating women's month2019-03-25
K-12 DOLE AMP beneficiary paints his way to success2019-03-15
Over 1k students from Malabon City join labor education seminar2019-03-12
Mandaluyong PESO holds labor education for students2019-03-08
NCR wage board conducts 7S training to priority establishments2019-03-05
RTWPB-NCR orients Muntinlupa TIPC on new wage issuance2019-03-05
2019-2021 FWCOMPHIL officers take ceremonial oath2019-03-01
FWCOMPHIL joins orientation on PWD laws and employability2019-03-01
DOLE commemorates EDSA Day through job fair, records 50 HOTS2019-03-01
UPCOMING: Job fair on EDSA People Power Anniversary2019-02-20
RTWPB-NCR holds service quality training to MSMEs2019-02-14
Mandaluyong City recognizes DOLE-NCR for continuous employment service commitment2019-02-11
167 HOTS: Pasay City PESO community-based job fair2019-02-06
DOLE CAMANAVA records 2,157 SPES beneficiaries in 20182019-02-01
DOLE-NCR capacitates Manila Barangay staff on employment services2019-02-01
DOLE-NCR extends PWD advocacy campaign to PESO2019-02-01
400 graduating students in CAMANAVA cluster joins DOLE seminar2019-02-01
School in Pasay holds career guidance and employment coaching week2019-01-22
DOLE-NCR hosts flag ceremony at head office2019-01-21
Planning for convergent approach: DOLE's contribution to agribusiness2019-01-19
RTWPB-NCR orients QC-TIPC on its new wage issuance2019-01-18
Government intern’s work pays off2019-01-04
DOLE-NCR hosts 4th PESOMAP Quarterly Meeting2019-01-01
PESO and DOLE transforms lives of 26 child laborers2019-01-01
CAMANAVA-based manpower agencies join labor education seminar2019-01-01
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