Jobs Fair is an employment facilitation strategy aimed to fast-track the meeting of jobseekers and employers/overseas recruitment agencies in one venue at a specific date to reduce cost, time and effort particularly on the part of the applicants. This is open to all unemployed, skilled and unskilled workers, fresh college graduates, graduates of training institutions, displaced workers and employees seeking advancement. During the Jobs Fair, applicants select vacancies suited to their qualifications and employers could interview and hire on the spot qualified workers. Several agencies are invited to provide self-employed and training assistance.



  1. To bring DOLE’s employment facilitation program to the reach of the poor, unemployed and displaced workers in the regional areas.
  2. To provide venue for immediate meeting of jobs and people in order to minimize transportation and other expenses encurred by applicants in coming to Manila or areas where vacancies are available.
  3. To assist in the manpower sourcing of employers/recruitment agencies particularly in identified areas where skills are highly in demand or are available.
  4. To support DOLE’s anti-illegal recruitment campaign by enabling access of jobseekers to legitimate employers/recruitment agencies.
  5. To provide training and self employment assistance.
  6. To provide welfare services to those OFW’s and their dependents.



  • Employment Facilitation Assistance
  • Employment Information Assistance
  • Employment Enhancement/Training Referrals
  • Self-Employment Assistance
  • Welfare-Services for Filipino Migrant Workers



  1. Job Permit Form
  2. Job Fair Clearance Form
  3. NSRP Form
  4. Report of Processed Applicants
  5. Vacancy Matrix
  6. Checklist of Requirements
  7. Report On the Hired On The Spot
  8. Job Fair Report
  9. Report on Job Fair Indicators


Job Fair Schedules in NCR

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