The Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIP), a third party auditor that helps provide international quality standard accreditation, had officially conferred the ISO 9001:2015 recertification to the Department of Labor and Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR) on January 26, 2022.

The recertification was conferred to DOLE-NCR Regional and its six Field Offices following the CIP’s recommendation during their virtual recertification audit on December 1-3, 2021, which aims to assess the overall effectiveness of DOLE-NCR’s management system, including significant changes against the requirements for recertification.

“DOLE-NCR operates a management system, which has been assessed as conforming to ISO 9001:2015,” said in a statement by CIP President and Managing Director Joselito C. Soler.

“Congratulations on your accomplishment with the continued use of ISO 9001:2015 as an instrument for enhancing the competitiveness of your organization and for meeting your stakeholders’ needs and expectations…,” he added.

Specifically, DOLE-NCR was assessed on the provision of government labor and employment related services, such as issuance of permits and licenses, registration of labor organizations and collective bargaining agreements, employment facilitation, and provision of livelihood and employment assistance.

Among other crucial areas examined were the agency’s internal management services, including the procurement, accounting and budget, human resource, and customer satisfaction and feedback handling.

DOLE-NCR senior officials, including Regional Director Atty. Sarah Buena S. Mirasol, Assistant Regional Directors Atty. Russel A. Jallorina, Atty. Jude Thomas P. Trayvilla, and former Assistant Regional Director and now DOLE 7 Regional Director Atty. Marion S. Sevilla, lauded the efforts of the employees and the ISO / Quality Management System Core (QMS) team, Internal Quality Auditors (IQAs), QMS Secretariat, QMS Committee, and Process Owners for their hard work and dedication despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

DOLE-NCR QMS Core Team were as follows: Regienald S. Espaldon, Quality Management Representative (Chief Administrative Officer / IMSD); Maria Luisa Khristina C. Oliveros, Audit Program Manager (Supervising LEO / CFO); Ronald S. Del Rosario, Deputy Audit Program Manager (Senior LEO / CFO); Julita G. Mendoza, Deputy Audit Program Manager (Supervising LEO / MPFO); Kareen Joy M. Tongo, Deputy Audit Program Manager (Senior LEO / QCFO); Mary Joy L. Magno, Audit Team Leader (former Administrative Officer V / IMSD); August Justine P. Noche, Deputy Audit Team Leader (LEO III / TSSD-EPWW); Roberto M. Chavez Jr., Deputy Audit Team Leader (Senior LEO / PFO); Kenn Arvin L. Chan, Deputy Audit Team Leader (Administrative Officer IV / IMSD); and Mary Chris B. Riguer, Deputy Audit Team Leader (Administrative Aide VI / IMSD).

Internal Quality Auditors (IQAs): Mary Joy L. Magno, Audit Team Leader (former Administrative Officer V / IMSD); Julita G. Mendoza (Supervising LEO / MPFO); Ronie U. Oracion (Supervising LEO / IMSD); Alphar Ann H. Agravante (Administrative Officer V / IMSD); Jesse Erickson M. Bactin (Statistician II / IMSD); Ria C. Banayag (Planning Officer III / IMSD); Kenn Arvin L. Chan (Administrative Officer IV / IMSD); Roberto M. Chavez, Jr. (Senior LEO / PFO); Cordelia C. Delos Santos (LEO III / CFO); Adrian Paul B. Dumaquit (LEO I / CFO); Allen Anthony F. Fuentes (Senior LEO / IMSD); Mary Angela L. Gacutan (Senior LEO / TSSD-LRLS); Jeanette B. Guevarra (Information System Analyst II / IMSD); John Edzon A. Gulla (LEO III / IMSD); Ellen M. Jimenez (LEO III / MTPLFO); Ma. Jobelle S. Leoncio (Senior LEO / MFO); Prince Billy N. Libed (LEO III / TSSD-LRLS); Aries A. Librando (LEO I / MFO); Ronjohn Daniel J. Lopez (LEO II / MTPLFO); Amicel B. Maguigad (LEO III / MFO); August Justine P. Noche (LEO III / TSSD-EPWW); Roberto O. Pablo (Senior LEO / CFO); Niña Abryn L. Perez (LEO III / TSSD-LRLS); Kevin M. Portugal (LEO III / PFO); Caselyn M. Quiñones (Senior LEO / MPFO); Mary Chris B. Riguer (Administrative Aide VI / IMSD); Prince Jerson D. Tomas (Accountant II / IMSD); Kareen Joy M. Tongo (Senior LEO / QCFO); Maricar Amor R. Zalamea (LEO II / IMSD); John Lorence D. Ponceja (Administrative Officer V / IMSD); and Bien Franco Ebarle (LEO III / TSSD-EPWW).

QMS Secretariat: Ria C. Banayag (Planning Officer III / IMSD); Jesse Erickson M. Bactin (Statistician II / IMSD); Paul John P. Tongo (Administrative Assistant / IMSD); Ronald P. Rosales (Job Order / IMSD); Rosette B. Orquiola (GIP / IMSD); Christian Roland C. Germanes (GIP / IMSD); and Maite B. Belisario (GIP / IMSD).

Quality Management System (QMS) Committee: Jocelyn H. Ancheta (Senior LEO / CFO); Roberto T. Bagadiong (LEO II / CFO); Ronie U. Oracion (Supervising LEO / IMSD); Ma. Clarissa B. Bayot (Administrative Officer V / IMSD); Angel C. Santos (LEO I / IMSD); Katrina L. Otadoy (former Senior LEO / MPFO); Maureen Chloe T. De Guzman (LEO III / MPFO); Regina V. Balasbas (Senior LEO / MFO); Ma. Jobelle S. Leoncio (Senior LEO / MFO); Sheryl Anne B. Vargas (LEO III / MTPLFO); Christinne Jeremiah B. Torrecampo (LEO II / MTPLFO); Mary Ann V. Teneza (Senior LEO / PFO); Kevin M. Portugal (LEO III / PFO); Dale Angeline B. Villafuerte (LEO II / QCFO); Reina Mae F. Domingo (LEO II / QCFO); August Justine P. Noche (LEO III / TSSD-EPWW); Ma. Allen Rose T. Carreon (LEO II / TSSD-EPWW); Joseph A. Arriola (Senior LEO / TSSD-LRLS); Bernie C. Sagad (LEO III / TSSD-LRLS); Regalado A. Abejero (Administrative Aide II / MALSU); and June Eric L. Daquigan (Administrative Assistant III / MALSU).

Process Owners in CAMANAVA Field Office: Rowella V. Grande (Director), Angelica C. Fresnoza (LEO I), Michelle C. Sande (Senior LEO), Rosary G. Cutanda (LEO III), Roberto T. Bagadiong (LEO II), and Rachel H. Roldan (Administrative Assistant III).

Process Owners in MAKATI-PASAY Field Office: Atty. Olivia O. Obrero-Samson (OIC-Director), Julita G. Mendoza (Supervising LEO), Katrina L. Otadoy (former Senior LEO), Sittie Aleiyah Isnirah L. Tago (Senior LEO), Laurejer Pam A. Fijer (LEO III), Maria Lerma Jimenez (Senior LEO), Divina Gracia R. Dean (LEO III), and Josephine Adornado (Administrative Assistant III).

Process Owners in MANILA Field Office: Ma. Corazon M. Pepito (Director), Caesar C. Dela Cruz (LEO III), Ma. Alexis P. Bancifra (Senior LEO), John Rey M. Abitria (LEO III), Ma. Jobelle S. Leoncio (Senior LEO), Regina V. Balasbas (Senior LEO), and Ernest Mhel C. Aranda (LEO II).

Process Owners in MUNTAPARLAS Field Office: Leonides P. Castillon, Jr. (Director), Jerry Khris D. Prado (LEO III), Wilson B. Buendia (Senior LEO), Genevieve M. De Guzman (Senior LEO), Eritza B. Molea (LEO II), and Christinne Jeremiah B. Torrecampo (LEO II).

Process Owners in PAPAMAMARISAN Field Office: Alicia L. Del Mundo (OIC-Director), Kristofferson I. Sta. Cruz (LEO III), Roberto M. Chavez, Jr. (Senior LEO), Antonia Ang (Senior LEO), Mary Ann V. Teneza (Senior LEO), and Annabel A. Espinosa (LEO II).

Process Owners in QUEZON CITY: Engr. Martin T. Jequinto (Director), Isabella L. Usigan (LEO II), Zoren Paul R. Maglalang (Senior LEO), Rosalie M. Dela Cruz (Senior LEO), Alexander V. San Diego (Senior LEO), Kareen Joy M. Tongo (Senior LEO), and Ricardo Paolo D. Francisco (Senior LEO).

Process Owners in TSSD-EPWW: Lorna R. Obedoza (Chief LEO), Carmelita B. Jimena (Senior LEO), Nora O. Garcia (LEO III), and Aurora E. Halcon (Senior LEO).

Process Owners in TSSD-LRLS: Nelia M. Mungcal (Chief LEO) and Mary Angela L. Gacutan (Senior LEO).

Process Owners in IMSD: Regienald S. Espaldon (Chief Administrative Officer), Luella A. Abian (Administrative Officer V), Kenn Arvin L. Chan (Administrative Officer IV), Ma. Clarissa B. Bayot (Administrative Officer V), Alphar Ann H. Agravante (Administrative Officer V), Sonia A. Villahermoso (Accountant III), Tricia Marie T. Siochi (Senior LEO), Ma. Lovella C. Ubaldo (Administrative Officer V), Ronie U. Oracion (Supervising LEO), Sonny Boy B. Morcozo (Administrative Aide III), and Mary Joy L. Magno (former Administrative Officer V / IMSD).

END / Hershey Aquino with report from DOLE-NCR QMS Secretariat