Three former casino workers received P2,498,395.05 in monetary settlement on January 10, 2023 through the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) Single Entry Approach (SEnA) program.

DOLE-NCR MUNTAPARLAS Field Office (MTPLFO) senior labor officer Genevieve De Guzman said the requesting parties had been working in a casino company for five years but had been placed under floating status due to pandemic restrictions and vaccination policy of their employer.

Specifically, the labor officer added that they had been placed under floating status because they had not been vaccinated, thus were not allowed to report back for work.

Due to their status of employment, said workers had not received their salaries since then and had to follow up their employer.

With no updates from their employer, the aggrieved workers filed a Request for Assistance (RFA) online through DOLE’s e-SEnA portal.

Ms. De Guzman was assigned to facilitate the request and conducted the conciliation-mediation between the aggrieved workers and the employer’s management representatives.

Following DOLE-NCR MTPLFO’s persistence to settle the issue between the two parties, a male worker had finally received P314,190.60 while the two female workers had received P1,497,866.70 and P686,337.75, respectively. All parties signed their quitclaim and release forms upon receipt of their cheques before Ms. De Guzman as proof of their amicable settlement.

END / Ericka Escalada