Logistics is one of the resilient industries at present, having weathered the adverse effects of the COVID-19 health crisis and among the Services Sector’s thriving employment generator. The sector proves to flourish despite the economic setback due to the various quarantine stages that placed the region in lockdowns that limited mobility of its populace.

Even if the region is still in a heightened alert, the provision of the Department’s services need not to be hampered; instead, this is the opportune time to show the Office’s resiliency and adoptability to the demands of time.

On 17 March 2020, DOLE-NCR and GrabExpress, Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the provision of delivery services for the Alien Employment Permits (AEP) to the Department’s clients. The initiative intend to facilitate the provision of AEP Cards through courier services to limit the interaction of clients with the service providers. It is also viewed as the office’s contribution in addressing and preventing the further increase of COVID-19 cases in the region. The delivery service started on April 5, 2021 to the delight of the clients due to its fast and timely arrival of parchments.

The employment in the logistic sector is one of the identified resilient jobs in NCR. In the current labor market study of DOLE-NCR, said sector remain in business despite the lockdown during the height of last year’s health crisis. According to representatives of the Philippine Ports Authority, they maintained full operation as the import and export activities were not hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Relatively, the populace’s patronage of online selling paved the way for the increase of demands for the delivery personnel, which also falls under the logistic sector.

In 2020, DOLE-NCR contributed to the increase of employment for said sector through the FreeBis (Free Bisikleta) initiative, which benefitted about 850 displaced workers in NCR. Said intervention is the Department’s way of stimulating employment in the region and revitalization of the economy.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes