The Department of Labor and Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR), through its Employment Promotion and Workers Welfare Division, participated in the 2022 National Skills Registration Program (NSRP) National Assessment held on October 17-18, 2022 at Mezzo Hotel, Cebu.

NSRP is an employment facilitation machinery initiated by DOLE sustained by the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), which aims to maintain a nationwide skills registry and generate up-to-date labor supply and demand, covering nationwide operationalized Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs), through the PESO Employment Information system (PEIS) and PhilJobNet (PJN).

With the upgrades and recent integration of PJN and PEIS, representatives from DOLE regional offices around the country gathered for a 2-day activity headed by BLE, and hosted by DOLE Regional Office VII, for an in-depth and collaborative assessment of the said machinery.

The DOLE-NCR delegation was composed of labor and employment officers Mary Chelsea Espinosa, Ma. Allen Rose Carreon, and Angel Santos from the EPWW Division.

OIC-Regional Director Lilia A. Estillore of Region VII also graced the event and extended her warm welcome to the participants.

In her opening remarks, she shared how sustainability and coherence in program implementation are crucial for the program’s success.

“The presence of the participants here would mean a legacy to NSRP. Let us work together in planning for the 2023-2028 implementation of NSRP. We are all in this, we need to put our best,” she said.

The first leg of the activity, led by Ms. Camille D. Estanislao, LEO II from BLE, presented updates on agreements reached during the previous national assessment. She gave a run-through on the actions taken by the Bureau as to the continuous enhancement and improvement of the program in terms of its systems, operations, policy, and advocacy.

She continued on with a discussion on the overarching general assessment of the NSRP implementation on ground, in which data were chosen from end-users of the program.

BLE Senior LEO, Mr. Lor Alfonso proceeded with sharing a snapshot of customers’ experience while using PJN. The customer journey map aims to identify and minimize negative client experiences.

Meanwhile, BLE’s IT Officer, Mr. Gerardo L. Abordo spearheaded the presentation on the guidelines on the Integrated PJN and PEIS and PEIS User Audit and Privacy Policy to ensure smooth and compliant transactions.

Ms. Estanislao wrapped up day 1 with a review of the assessment of the integrated PJN and PEIS gathered from regional offices and their jurisdictions.

The following day centered on the exploration of the assessment of the program operations, finance, policies, updated NSRP Field Operations Manual, and NSRP 2023-2028 Action Plan, by which the participants were given the chance to deliberate with fellow implementers, draft inputs for improvement, and propose actionable measures for the manual and action plan.

The national assessment concluded with the presentation of the workshop outputs and exchange of insights so as to the improvement of the systems.

DOLE-NCR acknowledges that the conduct of NSRP National Assessment is necessary not just because it addresses gaps and internal concerns, but also because it improves the quality of service of the Department to the public as it produces timely labor market information and tackles the growing concern on job-skills mismatch.

END / Mary Chelsea Espinosa