Sharing of practices among program implementers serves as a mode for continuous stream of information that can serve as inspiration for others to enhance their capacities for effective program and services delivery. With the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) at hand, it is important that duty-bearers expand their horizons in imparting relevant information to various stakeholders.

It is in this premise that DOLE-NCR willingly shared relevant information on the labor market that are vital to the delivery of career services to the stakeholders. On 8-10 January 2020, DOLE Regional Office VIII held its PESO Capacity Building on Labor Market Information (LMI) and tapped Senior Labor and Employment Officer Ryan Roberto E. Delos Reyes of DOLE-NCR to be the resource person for said event.

During the training, Delos Reyes stressed the importance of labor market to the participants. “Everything that we do begins with LMI and the outputs of our work will form part of a greater LMI,” he said. He highlighted LMI’s role in environmental scanning to surface the needed information to signal the economic and employment projections of the localities. He also emphasized the relevance of surfacing the 5Es of LMI such as employment facilitation, policies, creation, enhancement, and preservation to accentuate the role of the PESOs in the development of the localities.

The participants were also introduced to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) and its effects in the labor market. “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) serves as the backbone of 4IR and as such, students and even jobseekers should be aware of the innovations ushered by this technological advancement such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence,” said Delos Reyes.

In line with the technological advancement, Delos Reyes also presented the concern of child pornography and online sexual exploitation of children. “The concern is growing in front of us but we fail to recognize it. It is silently creeping into our society, it is alarming and we should do something about it,” he stressed. During his lecture, he presented data on the youth’s internet usage and exposure to social media, reminding the participants to be vigilant. “We should protect the children and the youth in this growing menace. What we are doing right now––educating you about this issue––is our first step,” he added.

The participants interests about the topics discussed were surfaced during the Open Forum, as queries reflects their desire to enhance their capabilities and improve their delivery of services. They also thanked the labor department in helping them appreciate their work in reference to their understanding of LMI and its correlation to other employment programs and services.

This has been the third time that DOLE-NCR was tapped by other regional offices to share its practices in LMI, Career Guidance and Employment Coaching, and Anti-Child Labor initiatives, with Regional Offices V and VI having its separate advocacies in 2019.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes