The sharing of relevant information among the regional duty-bearers and stakeholders has always been the practice of the Department of Labor and Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR) in order to establish easy cooperation and exchange of knowledge on program implementation. Since 2017, DOLE-NCR has shared information on Career Guidance and Employment Coaching, Labor Market Information, and Anti-Child Labor initiatives to DOLE Regional Offices I, IV-B, V, VI, and VIII.

For this year, DOLE-NCR has shared current information on the previously mentioned programs to DOLE Regional Office II. Held via Zoom Platform on September 15-16, 2021, the activity was participated by 137 personnel from DOLE RO II and PESO Region II. DOLE-NCR Senior Labor and Employment Officer Ryan Roberto E. Delos Reyes of the Employment promotion and Workers Welfare Division provided technical assistance as Resource Person.

During the LMI Session, Delos Reyes lectured on LMI Concepts, Methodologies, and Report Writing. He presented the basics of LMI including its sources, uses, and importance so as to present a holistic appreciation on the relevance of said pillar of employment. Further capacitating the participants is the Technical Report Writing session that enabled them to comprehend fully and appreciate the importance of reports as reference to policy enhancement in relation to education and employment.

So as to cap the LMI Session and enable the participants to understand further the relation between LMI and Career Guidance and at the same time, recognize the relevance of report writing, Delos Reyes presented the six Key Employment Generators of NCR as well as explained the effects of the pandemic on the identified employment movers. He likewise mentioned the importance of developing relevant skills needed by the new normal situation such as flexibility, innovativeness, and critical thinking, among others.

Delos Reyes likewise presented the two employment tracks, namely: entrepreneurship or self-employment and wage employment so as to provide the attendees information on career paths. In this session, he explained the importance of presenting the stakeholders’ different employment perspective so as to give them a clear view of the labor market scenario. He likewise emphasized that the two career tracks are both important and are factors to the confidence building of the Filipino youth in relation to their contribution to country’s development.

Tips in establishing business as well as relevant considerations prior to engagement were presented and discussed during the session. Delos Reyes highlighted the business cycle so as to familiarize the participants on the several business phases and enable them to provide the same information to their clients. Acing wage employment was likewise discussed, which centered on the online platform being maximized by the jobseekers nowadays due to the health crisis that limits mobility in the region.

Being an advocate of the Anti-Child Pornography program, Delos Reyes introduced the participants to the dangers of said concern and related it to the technological advancement brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution. He mentioned the dangers of unsupervised used of the internet, which make the children vulnerable to preying individuals. Delos Reyes also presented data on hours of internet use by the youth, teen pregnancy, and the sexual behavior of the youth, among others.

The lectures presented were well received by the attendees and expressed their gratitude to the speaker for sharing invaluable insights and information that will help them in effectively delivering the mandates of their work particularly in providing relevant information to their stakeholders.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes