In these trying times, when the country is still experiencing the adversative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, cooperation and linkage building with partners and fellow duty-bearers is important so as to effectively progress in the new normal. This initiative serves as bridge in narrowing the gaps in the labor market particularly in the provision of relevant information that is crucial in enabling the workforce to cope with the present situation.

On August 27, 2021, the DOLE Regional Office VI tapped DOLE-NCR to share pertinent information about its labor market and other information that can be used in the former’s career guidance interventions. DOLE-NCR Senior LEO Ryan Roberto E. Delos Reyes of the Employment Promotion and Workers Welfare Division served as a resource person for said activity. Delos Reyes presented NCR’s Regional Situationer, including its key employment generators, job-hunting tips, and entrepreneurship.

In the Labor Market Information (LMI) session, Delos Reyes gave a picture of NCR’s labor market landscape as well as the condition of its economic drivers that affect the region’s employment. He said that the National Capital Region is a Services Sector driven economy and as such, employment in the region is dictated by said sector.

Delos Reyes also gave information on the employment demands in relation to the 4th Industrial Revolution. He mentioned that jobs under the new normal are more inclined to utilize the technological advancement, especially in the current situation where there is still a health crisis. He added that most of said jobs are in the IT-BPM while the Health and Wellness Sector also made it to the list with the health professionals topping the selection.

Amidst the new normal, he emphasized that the labor market has become more specific, and to some extent, discerning, on its choice of new employees. On that note, he stressed that the stakeholders need to have relevant and specific skills demanded by the labor market, especially now that the entire world is in a state of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). He added the importance of adapting to the situation coupled with the intent to re-tool or re-skill in order to thrive in new normal.

Delos Reyes also presented an equally important career path—entrepreneurship. He discussed relevant information about said undertakings, including its phases so as to give a vivid picture of the stages of business venture.

To help prosper in any business undertakings, he also highlighted the importance of understanding the needs of the environment or locality, including its relevant Labor Market Information so as to effectively respond and support to its needs. He also stressed on the importance of researching on the business venture prior to engagement to better prepare the entrepreneurs on their initiatives and enable them to have a foresight of its needs and direction.

During the interaction, the participants inquired on the interventions of the Department as regard mitigating measures to address the economic conditions of the affected workers to which Delos Reyes presented the menu of services of DOLE that caters to workers welfare as well as employment facilitation.

The sharing of practice has been the praxis of DOLE-NCR to provide a different approach and appreciation on relevant labor market information. DOLE RO VI has tapped DOLE-NCR in 2019 for the same initiative. The activity was the second time a DOLE Regional Office requested DOLE-NCR’s assistance in LMI with DOLE RO VIII’s Career Guidance Activity on May 12, 2021.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes