After an unexpected pandemic pause, the Department of Labor and Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR), together with its Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC) had finally named their new set of officers during its much awaited face-to-face general assembly on July 27, 2022 at the Ichikawa Auditorium, Occupational Safety and Health Center, Quezon City.

That happened after DOLE-NCR Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Atty. Russel A. Jallorina led the election proper and oath taking ceremony of the new officers for year 2022-2024 on behalf of Regional Director and RTIPC Chair Atty. Sarah Buena S. Mirasol.

The new Vice Chairs were Mr. Peter T. Quintana (Valenzuela City TIPC) and Mr. Ignacio Y. Magat (Makati City TIPC). The former was re-elected to represent the Employer Sector while the latter replaced outgoing Vice Chair for Labor Sector, Dr. Nestor Asuncion.

Elected members under the Tripartite Technical Executive Committee (TTEC)’s Employer Sector were Ms. Mylene B. Abuel (Malabon City TIPC), Mr. Dante Q. Dimaunahan (Manila TIPC), Ms. Catherine B. Garcia (Education ITC), Mr. Frederick C. Gonzaga (Hotel and Restaurant ITC), Mr. Timothy Joseph L. Isla (Broadcast ITC), and Ms. Corazon C. Reboroso (Quezon City TIPC). For Labor Sector, Ms. Josephine C. Cabatuando (Caloocan City TIPC), Mr. Eglecerio F. Delos Santos (Hotel and Restaurant ITC), Mr. Gerardo O. Mago II (Valenzuela City TIPC), Mr. Danilo L. Manzanilla (Manila TIPC), Mr. Juanito D. Sarmiento (Mandaluyong City TIPC), and Mr. Generoso A. Villanueva, Jr. (Broadcast ITC).

2022-2024 DOLE-NCR-RTIPC Vice Chairs and TTEC Members (from left): Timothy Joseph L. Isla, Frederick C. Gonzaga, Corazon C. Reboroso, Catherine B. Garcia, Dante Q. Dimaunahan, Mylene B. Abuel, Peter T. Quintana, DOLE-NCR Assistant Regional Director Atty. Russel A. Jallorina, Ignacio Y. Magat, Eglecerio F. Delos Santos, Danilo L. Manzanilla, Generoso A. Villanueva, Jr., Juanito D. Sarmiento, Josephine C. Cabatuando, and Generoso A. Villanueva, Jr. (Photo by Iris Iera Espeña / IMSD)

Prior to presenting the Council’s accomplishment, DOLE-NCR lauded the RTIPC’s steadfast commitment in advocating tripartism and social dialogue with the Department even amidst uncertain times to ensure that workers’ and employers’ organizations across Metro Manila are empowered towards attainment of industrial peace and productivity improvement. They also looked forward to the Council’s continued support to the Department in the years ahead and to extend the same to the newly elected officers.

“As we face a new paradigm of tripartism, I am confident that the Council will continue to uphold labor and employment policies that will strike a balance between business growth and workers’ welfare. We view this as one of the keys toward realization of inclusive growth,” said DOLE-NCR Director Mirasol in a statement as delivered on her behalf by Assistant Regional Director Jallorina.

“I urge the Council to give the new members of the Vice Chairs for the Labor and Management Sector and Tripartite Technical Executive Committee…the same solid support so that together, we would be able to produce equal or even greater results in our endeavor to further revitalize our partnership,” added the DOLE official.

In their acceptance speech, the new Vice Chairs thanked the Council for their trust and confidence. They also assured the RTIPC of their unwavering commitment to strengthen and intensify collaboration with the labor department.

Further, outgoing Vice Chair for Labor Sector Dr. Nestor Asuncion encouraged the Council to support the newly elected officials. He also looked forward to the Regional TIPC and Industry Tripartite Council’s (ITC) representation at the national level to discuss its resolutions.

Meanwhile, the Department also conferred the Certificate of Appreciation to the 2019-2022 DOLE-NCR RTIPC Vice-Chairs, TTEC Members, Local TIPCs and ITCs, and Expanded Members; paid a special tribute to the former and late RTIPC Vice Chairs and TTEC Members; and conducted a seminar on “Unlocking Productivity to Resolve Workplace Issues and Prevent Conflicts.” The latter was facilitated by Director Elvira P. Jota of the DOLE – National Wages & Productivity Commission (NWPC).

The DOLE-NCR RTIPC was formed to promote industrial peace and harmony between labor and management, with the assistance of the government, in order to achieve productivity, quality, excellence, growth, and labor justice in the workplace.

END / Grace Laurente and Patricia Lorica