Since 2017, the Department of Employment – National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR) has been requested by other DOLE regions to present the results of its Labor Market Information (LMI) study and the implementation of Career Guidance and Employment Coaching (CGEC) Program for benchmarking and information sharing purposes. Among the main topics disseminated to all the stakeholders and duty-bearers include changes in the labor market, demands of the Key Employment Generators (KEGs), as well as the critical skills needed by the industries.

For this year, DOLE Region 6 invited DOLE-NCR to conduct a re-orientation seminar for the focal persons and community facilitators of their Child Labor Prevention and Elimination Program (CLPEP) to provide a refresher on the DOLE mandates on addressing child labor concerns. The activity, which was also participated by provincial heads of different provinces of the region, was in line with the celebration of the National Children’s Month on November 16, 2022, in Iloilo City.

As their resource speaker, DOLE-NCR Senior Labor and Employment Officer, Mr. Ryan Roberto E. Delos Reyes, covered the Anti-Child Labor Law, Anti-Child Pornography Law, and Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children (OSAEC) Law. He also discussed the impact of child labor on the future conditions of labor market if not addressed immediately and shared ways to ensure internet safety among children to avoid the proliferation of commercial and sexual exploitation. In addition, DOLE-NCR’s practices on the Sagip Batang Manggagawa – Quick Action Team was also highlighted to stress the importance of proper coordination of the DOLE with law enforcement agencies, social welfare groups, local government units, including close coordination with schools and barangays to help monitor and take necessary action for any identified child labor incidences.

Following the same topic, the Boracay Industry Tripartite Council also invited DOLE-NCR on November 17, 2022, to present the CLPEP to their human resource professionals—mostly recruitment managers—of the island resorts in Boracay. Apart from differentiating child work versus child labor, Mr. Delos Reyes also cautioned HR practitioners on how engaging children in hazardous undertakings could adversely affect the current economic recovery efforts of each tourist destinations, further reminding them to stay vigilant of any child commercial sexual abuse incidences that may possibly occur in their establishments. As part of the Department’s advocacy efforts to promote its youth employment bridging programs, the DOLE-NCR representative also shared the Special Program for Employment of Students, Government Internship Program, and JobStart Philippines Program.

On the other hand, DOLE Region 5 benchmarked DOLE-NCR’s career guidance and LMI practices on November 18, 2022, and have requested Mr. Delos Reyes to share the current labor market demands in NCR, which is detailed in the 2022 LMI JobsFit Report. Metro Manila is one of the prime destinations of rural workers in search for greener pastures and better economic conditions, thus explained the region’s economic drivers, viable sectors, and emerging industries that contribute to its job generation. He also shared the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIRE) in the labor market and how the pandemic has complimented robotics and artificial intelligence. The activity was followed by an orientation on entrepreneurship to know its business cycles, tips and requirements prior to business engagement, among others.

Aside from DOLE Regions 5 and 6, DOLE Region 8 is the first region that invited DOLE-NCR to benchmark its practices on LMI and CGEC during its Regional PESO Congress in February 2022 in Leyte.

END / Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes