Every chance is an opportunity and the enforcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila in August 2021 did not stop the 31 Government Internship Program (GIP) beneficiaries of the DOLE-NCR CAMANAVA Field Office (CFO) to continue learning and immersing themselves with the government programs and services while working from home.

Said interns were scheduled for capacity building sessions from August 16 to 20, 2021 via online portal developed by CFO as an alternative learning method for face-to-face training, which is discouraged due to COVID-19 preventive measures or videoconferencing as some users have limited internet connection.

The GIPs learned from the following topics: 1) RA No. 6713, otherwise known as the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees; 2) Basics of Online Platforms (GSuite and Canva); 3) Career Guidance and Employment Coaching; 4) GIP Re-orientation; 5) Basic General Labor Standards; and 6) Avoiding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. They also learned other different programs and services that are carried out by the Field Offices such as Labor Inspection, Labor Relations, and Employment.

After each e-learning session, the GIPs were assigned to various activities to help them gain appreciation of the topics and even showcasing their talents. Among other activities included slogan making contest to stop or prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

DOLE-NCR CFO Director Rowella V. Grande spearheaded the activities. It was also co-facilitated by Angelica Fresnoza and Rea Paulyn Mercado, who also developed the learning materials together with Jenilda Dimapilis and John Lexus Trijo.

Director Grande was hopeful that this year’s batch of GIPs will become future government employees and apply what they have learned from their work experiences and training.

Kimberly Fernandez, one of the GIPs said: “This e-learning session has helped broaden my knowledge about the operations and the laws and sanctions that govern the Department. I wanted to learn more about our Labor Code and the mediation and arbitration procedures and processes. I am fond of the training and I always look forward to ways that my knowledge and expertise can be improved.”

Organizers were pleased to see how the online training turned out. Although the GIPs were advised to work from home, CFO ensured that they were able to impart the mandates of the Department and apply the lessons once they returned to office.

END / Rea Paulyn Mercado and Angelica Fresnoza