(L-R): Hired-on-the-spot (HOTS) Edelino Rosales, HOTS guardian Ermelinda Delante, and DOLE-NCR CAMANAVA Field Office Supervising Labor and Employment Officer Mr. Rey D. Sanglay.

(Metro Manila, Philippines) Just after the recent job fair in Quezon City last month, the labor department once again promoted inclusive employment through a Mega Job Fair in the Valenzuela City People’s Park Amphitheater on March 31, 2023.

Many applied and tried their luck to finally land on a job, especially because there were 3,843 job vacancies.

Luckily, many were hired-on-the-spot (HOTS), including Mr. Edelino Rosales.
Born with hearing impairment, the 32-year-old hopeful applicant spent his whole life moving needles to face life’s challenges.

Going into the job fair, Mr. Rosales held a clear envelope containing his diploma and certificates of training completion, which he believed are sufficient proof of his skills and competencies to help him get a job.

For several attempts, Rosales looked for opportunities that will embrace him for his unique qualities. For several attempts, he tried his luck but to no avail, until now.
After going through the participating employers, Mr. Rosales noticed that the GMWV Medical Clinic needed assistance in the food and beverage department – a perfect fit for him and his training experiences.
Because of this, Mr. Rosales was pumped for the job fair and even came hours before the actual event.

In the end, his excitement and preparation paid off after getting immediately hired as a food service crew by the same company he was gunning for.

With both their eyes filled with joy, Mr. Rosales and Ms. Delante left the venue with a new experience in a job fair. This time, he gained a sense of validation. Finally, the search for a job is over.

The newly hired then expressed his appreciation for the employers, especially the GMWV Medical Clinic for valuing the applicants’ strengths. He also expressed his gratitude to his guardian for always assisting him.

Ever since his biological and foster parents stopped supporting him just last year, Ms. Ermelinda Delante took over.

Through group interactions on Facebook, Mr. Rosales met the 61-year-old, small businesswoman who would later on take care of him.

As shared by Ms. Delante, because she has a child with the same condition as Rosales’s, she is already familiar with the challenges of supporting children like him.

“Nakakatuwa nga ‘yang batang ‘yan. Sa umaga pagkagising ko, sesenyasan na ako niyan na ipagtitimpla niya raw ako ng kape. Pati sa mga gawaing bahay, tumutulong siya, kahit hindi ko sabihin,” she said.

“Napakasipag ng batang ‘yan kaya proud ako riyan eh. Alam kong makakamit niya ‘yung gusto niyang maging work kasi roon niya magagamit ‘yung mga skills na mayroon siya,” she continued, also asserting his skills and competencies after completing his National Certificates II in barista and housekeeping.

Mr. Rosales and Ms. Delante then expressed their gratitude to the government agencies involved in organizing the event, especially to the Department of Labor and Employment for the opportunities and hope that this job fair give to them.

Finally, the mother sent a brief message to parents of children with special needs, saying, “Kapag nais po ng mga anak ninyo na mag-work, kung kinakailangan po nila ng tulong natin, nararapat lamang po na atin silang suportahan. Ipakita po natin sa kanila na may naniniwala sa kanilang kakayahan, atin po silang samahan sa gusto nilang tahakin.”

Delante’s message emphasizes the value of a nurturing and supportive environment in helping children feel more confident and willing to take risks in their personal endeavors. When the children’s families believe in them, it sends a strong message that they are valued and capable of achieving their goals.

Job fair is an employment facilitation strategy aimed to fast-track the meeting of jobseekers and employers in one venue at a specific date to reduce cost, time, and effort particularly of the applicants. This is open to all unemployed, skilled and unskilled workers, fresh college graduates, graduates of training institutions, displaced workers, and employees seeking advancement.

END / Jalen Lewis B. Boco and Mary Jane G. Murillo