The recent eruption of Taal Volcano had led the member-establishments of the Manila Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (MTIPC) to hold a seminar on climate change on January 16, 2020.

Said activity was MTIPC’s first meeting for year 2020 in coordination with DOLE-NCR Manila Field Office. Guest resource speaker Ian C. Rivera from the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) shared his expertise on the topic.

TIPC members expressed their interest in the said topic, thus the theme “From Climate Crisis to Climate Emergency.” DOLE-NCR Manila Field Office Director Ma. Corazon Pepito said that the topic is timely as it would help the MTIPC members to understand the impact of business and industry on the environment.

MTIPC’s Alternate Vice-Chair for Labor Sector Danny Manzanilla and Vice Chair for Management Sector Dante Dimaunahan said that the activity was an eye opener for the members and that would help them in disseminating relevant information to their respective colleagues.

16 member-establishments from the Council participated in the activity, including: 1) Aloha Hotel, 2) Chinese General Hospital, 3) Globe Telecom, 4) HKT Teleservice Inc., 5) Isetann Department Store, 6) LBC Express MM, 7) Legaspi Tower 300, 8) Manila Hotel, 9) Maybank Philippines Inc., 10) MD Express Manila Inc., 11) Oceanic Container Lines Inc., 12) Philippine Columbian Association, 13) Suy Sing Commercial-NLM, 14) Toyota, Otis, Inc., 15) Union Motor Corp., and 16) Yakult Phils. Inc.

The learning session forms part of MTIPC’s planned activities for Year 2020.

Other matters discussed after the learning session were clarifications on the provisions of the Service Charge Law or the DOLE Department Order 206-19 entitled: “Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11360 entitled “An Act Providing that Service Charges Collected by Hotels, Restaurants and other Similar establishments be Distributed in Full to All Covered Employees Amending for the Purpose Presidential Decree No. 442, As Amended, Otherwise Known as the “Labor Code of the Philippines.”

END / Hershey Aquino with report from Mary Jane Gawat