The Wage Board – National Capital Region (NCR) has issued Wage Order No. NCR-23, which provides for a minimum wage increase in NCR.

Said issuance mandates for an additional Thirty-Three Pesos (P33.00) from its current rate of Five Hundred Thirty-Seven Pesos (P537.00), giving a total of Five Hundred Seventy-Pesos (P570.00) as the new monthly minimum wage for non-agriculture private workers in NCR.

The issuance is based upon the collegial decision of the Board after conducting a thorough wage review on the socio-economic conditions of the region, needs of private workers and their families, prevailing wage rates, capacity of the employers to pay, including those relevant data affecting the interests of both employers and workers.

Series of public consultations and hearing in the Metropolitan were also conducted to ensure that all their concerns and insights are taken into consideration.

Thus, the new daily minimum wage rates in the National Capital Region shall be as follows:

Sector/Industry Current Minimum Wage Rate New Wage Increase New Minimum Wage Rate
Non-Agriculture Php 537.00 Php 33.00 Php 570.00
Agriculture (Plantation and Non-plantation) Php 500.00 Php 33.00 Php 533.00
Service/Retail Establishments employing 15 workers or less
Manufacturing Establishments regularly employing less than 10 workers

The minimum wage rates shall be for the normal working hours which shall not exceed eight (8) hours of work a day.

The wage increase shall apply to all minimum wage earners in the private sector within the region, regardless of their position, designation or status and irrespective of the method by which their wages are paid.

Said wage order shall take effect after fifteen (15) days from its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

END / Jackilyn Borja