A look at year 2021 must have brought smiles to some employees of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) who benefitted from incentives initiated by their employers despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The numbers of the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR) documented a total of three hundred ninety (390) workers benefitting from productivity incentives, and fifty-six (56) employees from last year’s newly-installed Productivity Based Incentive Scheme (PBIS) of their respective enterprises. All these employees enjoyed either cash or non-cash rewards as a result of their increased productivity. Through series of PBIS orientations, fifty-five (55) establishments were extended technical assistance.

Firms that have retained or enhanced their existing PBIS include the following: Ferrotech Steel Corporation, Gotesco Marketing, Inc., GP HR Solutions (HR Spectacles, Inc.), Entom Pest Control and General Services Corp., AG Globe Services (Phils.) Inc., and Apotheca Corp.

On the other hand, eight (8) MSMEs accounted for those that have adopted PBIS in 2021: Ample Printing Press, GP HR Solutions (HR Spectacles, Inc.), Apotheca Corp. AG Globe Services (Phils.) Inc., Wania and Partners, CPA, Tasco, Inc., Entom Pest Control and General Services Corp., and Sommerville Refrigeration Incorporated.

While additional employee benefits and incentives may be costly to employers, the long-term advantages of offering such benefits bring enormous impact on enterprises particularly on gaining competitive advantage, and having motivated and committed workforce.

Essentially, mentioned MSMEs that adopted PBIS in their workplace amidst the current pandemic took leverage on the improvement of their employees’ performance. This, in turn, contributes in the generation of increased sales or savings for their enterprise, improved efficiency, service delivery, and enhanced employee engagement and retention.

Same recognition is likewise given to enterprises that have implemented Productivity Improvement Programs (PIP) through the training programs provided by the RTWPB-NCR in order to drive productivity in the better normal: Kimwin Corporation, Ferrotech Steel Corporation, Pacific Online Systems Corporation, Calco Industries, Inc., Leighton Contractor (Asia) Limited, Inspecit Inc., and Dream Riser Builders Inc.

These enterprises, notably, took a remarkable leap of undertaking activities to reduce errors, ensure efficient implementation of operational procedures, optimize use of company resources, and develop capacity building program for their employees even during the difficult time of pandemic.

While the business landscape is still recovering from the scars of the COVID-19 ordeal, these MSMEs in NCR have shown that they are game changers in their respective rights, fueled to face a world of limitless opportunities, and fired-up to welcome the new year ahead.

END / Jackilyn Borja