A cheque worth ₱479,906.94 was given to a separated employee along with his certificate of employment and BIR Form 2316 through the Single Entry Approach (SEnA) Program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on July 14, 2022.

58-year old “Rene” (not his real name), was an accountant for more than six years in a construction company. After several follow-ups on his backpay since his resignation in July 2021, he eventually sought the assistance of the DOLE-National Capital Region (NCR) through its MUNTAPARLAS Field Office (MTPLFO) on June 22, 2022 via electronic SEnA portal to help claim his last salary along with his indemnity pay.

In response, MTPLFO senior labor officer and SEnA Desk Officer (SEADO), Ms. Genevieve M. De Guzman, facilitated the conciliation-mediation of both parties. Before the recently concluded first hearing in July 2022, said labor officer had coordinated with Rene and his former employer to check and validate the computation of the monetary claims. While doing so, she further advised the employer in advance to prepare the payment in time and to ready other required documents to help them settle on the first hearing.

Both parties appeared on their first face-to-face conference and signed a quitclaim and release form in front of Ms. De Guzman. To explain their side, the employer representative said they were not able to give Rene his backpay on an earlier date due to re-organization of the management.

The SEnA Program provides an impartial, speedy, and accessible settlement procedure that helps both employers and employees arrive at an amicable settlement in order to settle disputes and benefit both parties.

END / Ericka Escalada