So as to carry out the mandate of ensuring efficient delivery of employment services, it is important that benchmarking activities across Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) are practiced not only to streamline information across the offices, but also to ensure continuous capacity building by investing, adapting, and improving the good practices being implemented by other PESOs.

With this in mind, select PESO managers from the Local Government Units (LGUs) of Region VIII headed by its Federation President Norman Victor Ordiz and DOLE Region VIII’s Technical and Support Services Division Chief Cristina Longjas, participated in a benchmarking activity hosted by Valenzuela and Mandaluyong PESO on February 18-19, 2020.

The attendees were accompanied by DOLE-NCR representatives Ryan Roberto Delos Reyes and Allyson Lorraine Arceo.

DOLE-NCR CAMANAVA Field Office Director Rowella V. Grande welcomed the participants during the first day of benchmarking activity in Valenzuela City.

Valenzuela City PESO Manager Josephine Osea facilitated the activities; discussing two of PESO Valenzuela’s best practices such as Inclusivity and the Barangay Labor and Employment Committee (BLEC). Osea shared their partnership with Humanity & Inclusion, an international organization that focuses on skills building of persons with disabilities (PWDs) to prepare them for wage and self-employment, thus capacitating them for eventual sustainable living. She also discussed about the BLEC’s main functions, such as the Center for Employment Network for Training and Skills (CENTS) and Guardians of Industrial Peace – Guardians of Occupational Safety and Health (GIP-GOSH). The participants also visited Suncrest Foods Incorporated to consult its company representatives regarding their partnership experience with PESO Valenzuela.

On the other hand, the City of Mandaluyong also welcomed the participants, showing their best in hospitality. Said LGU’s cultural and tourism office spearheaded the welcome ceremonies together with the City’s senior citizens group. Mandaluyong PESO Manager Emma Javier facilitated the conduct of activities and expounded on the City’s initiative to invest and ensure delivering the best practices in accordance with the core functions of PESO. Javier also highlighted the Public Employment Service’s strengthened partnership with the companies, easing the employment processes in the said LGU. The selected participants also visited Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc. to inquire of the company’s partnership experiences with PESO Mandaluyong and to explore possible partnerships with its company branch in Eastern Visayas.

PESO Valenzuela is the DOLE-NCR’s Hall of Fame Awardee during the recently concluded Search for Best PESO while PESO Mandaluyong is a top performing public employment service in the same region.

The Region VIII delegates also visited the DOLE-Bureau of Local Employment to gather information and learn from the practices of previous winners of the Search for Best PESO.

Said activity is one of DOLE-NCR’s way of strengthening cooperation among regional offices and building camaraderie among PESOs for efficient delivery of employment programs and services.

END / Allyson Lorraine Arceo